She is a Singapore based Sivananda Yoga Teacher and a student of Buddhism. She has been practising Sivananda Yoga since 2007 and Vipassana Meditation since 2009.


Mekhala is a devoted practisioner of Sivananda Yoga. Below is a list of her regular trips to practise on various courses and workshops in Sivananda Yoga.



Sadhana Intensive Course 

Rudraprayag, India



Adaptation Sivananda Yoga Programme for people with limited mobility

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres & Ashrams, India



Sadhana Intensive Course  

Headquarter of Sivananda Yoga, Val Morin (Canada)


Mekhala is always keen in expanding her knowledge on different topics of healing. At the end of 2014, she took an Art Therapy Course to learn another aspect about seeing the mind through colors and patterns.  



Mekhala took up a Psychology course to understand the science behind the mind.


Mekhala also volunteers Yoga Teaching with various organizations and work as a Dhamma Servers in a few Vipassana Meditation courses.


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Mekhala is an independent Yoga Teacher. She doesn't own a studio. All her public group classes are hold at Yoga Vihara.

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